**NEW** HW Brass-Saver® for French Horn (Set)

$ 22.40 $ 28.00

Our newest HW Brass-Saver® set for French horn is the easiest and safest* way to clean saliva and corrosive mineral deposits from the inside of your horn. The patented design features ONE non-metal flexible double-ended pull-through brush that won't scratch or get stuck, and a double-ended valve casing brush for a complete maintenance kit.  The pull-through brush is sized for all tubing (approximately 3/4" diameter and 51" long, with 7" of brush length in the center).  The special fiber will not shed, shrink, or swell, can be used wet or dry, and stands up to the chemicals in cleaning solutions. Protected by US Patent #6,868,575.


*Not recommended for instruments with interior sharp edges.

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